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Testimonials provide a snapshot of an individual’s experience with NUWAY Alliance, whether it is an alumnus, family, friend, or professional, we welcome you to review what people have to say about us! 

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“I am here to share and witness the immediate impact that NUWAY has in my life. Walking into NUWAY II [residential], I learned thru my counselor to understand my emotional and physical phase, in order to be able to engage with the purpose of the NUWAY program. Resigned to everything I learned in the past and focusing on my present life was the only way to stay clean and calm in the nightmare of my addiction. My counselor recommended to go to a sober house and continue the next level of my journey in NUWAY. I started the NUWAY – University program and my counselor has been an excellent guide, making me understand the foundation of my addiction to alcohol. Started living in a simple way, [my counselor] helped me to find my inner self and project all my individual potential. The whole staff and direction are extremely professional and warm. I been treated with respect and compassion. I was the leader of the whole house in NUWAY II, and I was the peer leader of my group at the NUWAY – University. I graduated with 9 months without using any substances. Six days before I walk into NUWAY II, I was living on the streets eating out of trash cans, losing everything, even the fear to exist. NUWAY helped me to fight for my own life. Today, I continue my craft as a tattoo artist, working with my older son. I have a car and I still live in my sober house, and I continue therapy. I just have to say thank you I will continue the message I got from NUWAY. I will represent NUWAY proud and am grateful that I am sober, and I am coming from NUWAY! A place where I learned to live just being myself at my full potential. Thank you so much.”
– Juan
“I have owned and operated a MASH certified, woman’s sober house for over 12 years. Partnering with NUWAY is, without a doubt, one of the best decisions I have made! I work with many treatment facilities and none compare to NUWAY! The communication between myself and the counselors and other employees are fantastic. There is no doubt that they REALLY care and go out of their way to show that… I am so blessed to have the chance to work with this facility and would do it again in a heartbeat. What a blessing they all are!”
– Lisa, Recovery Residence Partner
“When a dozen other treatment centers hadn’t worked for me, NUWAY did. I credit NUWAY’s integration in the community, its willingness to let clients continue to participate in life and make strong social connections with other people in the community in recovery, and its individualized treatment planning with my success. I am three years sober, and it started at NUWAY.”
– David, Alumni & Referring Professional
“Proverbs 13:12 states, ‘Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a dream fulfilled is a tree of life’. Before my introduction to NUWAY, I lived a life with deferred hope, and it truly does make our heart sick. Fortunately, counselors, along with intake staff provided a non-judgmental, safe space to begin dismantling every ‘Automatic Negative Thought’ and relinquishing my chemical dependency that had plagued me for so long. After spending around eight months in NUWAY’s IOP, I’ve regained the confidence to believe in myself, fulfilled my dreams, and continue my journey towards the tree of life!”
– Ashir
“Six years ago, I was a patient at NUWAY. I was treated with such respect and care that I poured my heart into my therapy and group during my stay. I was able to get well and gain some self-respect and dignity during my time there. Unfortunately, I relapsed again within a year, but I found my way right back to NUWAY. I was able to find myself again and continue to work a new program of recovery. I have always had such respect for NUWAY and really felt like I was able to do the next right thing when I had the staff at NUWAY cheering me on. Also, I met my fiancé after I finished my first stay at NUWAY. Today, we have a little boy together and we are a strong and proud family in recovery. I work at a mental health facility [and] I am studying to become an LADC. We are so proud of our family and are planning our wedding for next year. I have NUWAY to thank for not only providing me a new way of living but for the foundation of my beautiful new family. Thank you NUWAY!!!”
– Ama
“I’ve been to ten treatments; this is the first time I’ve ever successfully graduated. I’m really grateful my counselor [who] was there to guide me thru this program. She was patient, kind, therapeutic, and educational. I believe in NUWAY’s methods of therapy and a large part of that is hiring phenomenal staff. [My counselor] displayed the highest level of professionalism, compassion, and commitment to helping people succeed that I’ve ever seen in a treatment program like this. Walking thru this program five days a week for the last two months has been really hard. Overcoming my trauma barriers and getting to the root of the problems that led me to addiction has been extremely challenging. [My counselor] has been there for me throughout this process. She’s really shown me a New Way to live. My heart is so full of gratitude to all of the staff of NUWAY, from the admittance staff to my primary counselor and my gender group counselor, to all of the float counselors and even other full-time counselors that I just passed in the hallways these last ten weeks. Thank you so much Nuway for helping me get back into recovery, for helping me start to find out who I am and what it means to be me, and for all of the skills and tools and sober network that you have given me.”
– Timothy
“I am a NUWAY alumni and swung thru the PRIDE Festival tent NUWAY had there and spoke with the wonderful people working Saturday evening. What a blessing to see things still going strong. Thank you for you services.”
– Dustin
“I am a former client of NUWAY who has completed the program. My experience with NUWAY was a significant success in my recovery. I feel like the staff on every level is passionate about this program which has changed my life and helped my recovery tremendously. I’m grateful for the structure that is maintained in the program. My counselor was a great teacher in the process of directing his group how to live a life in sobriety and guiding each member of the group to sustain their long term sobriety while living up to each individual’s maximum potential. This program is very important to my success this far in my recovery. Each member of the staff cares about every person who comes into the program to achieve success in their own program of recovery. The program was also very beneficial to assist me in finding methods of assistance that was most beneficial to where I was at that time and what resources I could utilize in early recovery. A very commendable program that I would recommend to anyone looking for help in recovering from addiction. Their experience is extremely valuable to anyone trying to recover and live a fulfilling lifestyle that is very down to earth and achievable for anyone who takes the services seriously. I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to participate in the program of recovery NUWAY has helped me find. Definitely a great program that promotes hope and healing in a healthy environment with a great staff!”
– Lowell