2218 Alano Society of Minneapolis (2218)

NUWAY® History

Pursuing the mission of Recovery in Supportive Environments since 1966

NUWAY House, Inc. (NUWAY®) was founded as a nonprofit on May 10, 1966, as one of the first halfway houses in Minnesota and the country.  NUWAY® began out of the grassroots efforts of members of  2218 Alano Society of Minneapolis (2218) in response to individuals leaving treatment in the early and mid-1960s housing insecure. 2218 members believed extended time in a safe, sober environment, based in the community, would help individuals establish long-term recovery. With success at the first halfway house (NUWAY I), a second halfway house (NUWAY II) was established in 1970.  NUWAY® operated as two halfway houses for adult men from 1970 until the mid-1990’s when it purchased an existing outpatient counseling center in northeast Minneapolis called 3R’s Counseling Center. 3R’s Counseling Center provided traditional outpatient treatment services in the evenings for adults.

With the implementation of rate reform in 2011, many providers of halfway house/extended care addiction treatment services opted to become high-intensity residential treatment leaving a gap in extended care services. Recognizing this shift and understanding that demand for extended care services still existed, NUWAY® became medium-intensity residential treatment and continued to fulfill its original goal of providing extended care for those in need of more time to establish and sustain their recovery.  With decreased extended care providers, NUWAY I & II were full and found that there were few places to safely discharge our extended care clients.  As a result, many were discharged to the street only to return to use and start the cycle of use, admission, discharge all over again. 

Interest in disrupting this cycle was paramount. NUWAY®’s R.I.S.E. (Recovery In Supportive Environments) model was born! R.I.S.E. pairs intensive-outpatient treatment with recovery residence support for clients deemed in need of a safe recovery environment per the American Society of Addiction Medicine’s Dimension Six. R.I.S.E. as a concept was not new as several providers in Minnesota had been pairing treatment with safe, sober living since the 1970s however, R.I.S.E. is unique in that NUWAY® partners with independently owned and operated recovery residences in the community, providing clients choice in which communities they live and the opportunity to remain in recovery residences beyond their treatment experience.

NUWAY®’s R.I.S.E. model began filling the service gap and interrupting the cycle of use, treatment, discharge, use, re-admission, etc. As a result, communities across Minnesota saw the value of the model and began requesting NUWAY® open R.I.S.E. programs in their communities.

NUWAY®’s adherence to excellent practice has earned the organization accreditation by the Joint Commission (2019), and NUWAY® has been designated Blue Distinction® Centers for Substance Use Treatment and Recovery by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota (2021).