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NUWAY Alliance Treatment Services

An overview of NUWAY Alliance treatment services

NUWAY Alliance manages co-occurring substance use and mental health disorder outpatient (ASAM 1.0), intensive outpatient (ASAM 2.1), and medium-intensity residential (ASAM 3.1) programs. NUWAY Alliance makes comprehensive, evidence-based treatment and compassionate care available to any adult in need. Our programs are staffed by mission-driven professionals, many of whom are dual-licensed to treat addiction and mental health disorders, and use innovative, evidence-based practices such as Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and 12-Step Facilitation along with group and individual counseling, gender-sensitive programming, individualized lengths of stay, recovery management skills, a connection to community resources, and trauma work (i.e. Prolonged Exposure therapy, Accelerated Resolution Therapy, trauma skills groups).

Located in the heart of recovery communities across Minnesota, all NUWAY Alliance treatment programs offer individualized care for adults and are:

  • Co-occurring (treating addiction and mental health disorders)
  • GLBTQIA+ safe and friendly
  • Trauma-informed
  • Medication-assisted treatment and recovery friendly

NUWAY Alliance treatment services include: outpatient (ASAM 1.0), intensive outpatient treatment (ASAM 2.1), and residential services at NUWAY®; and residential services at  Cochran Recovery Services, and The Gables.