Recovery Discovery

The recovery event game where the prize is connection and everyone wins!

Recovery Discovery is a scavenger hunt embedded in Recovery Month event operated by NUWAY Alliance and is designed to engage attendees, have fun and make connections!

Recovery Discovery is provided and operated by NUWAY Alliance. Event organizers can offer Recovery Discovery as a sponsorship benefit or work directly with NUWAY Alliance to garner sponsorship and vendor involvement. Alternatively, NUWAY Alliance can work directly with event sponsors and vendors.

How to Participate as an Attendee:

  • Pick up your scavenger hunt board at the NUWAY Alliance booth.
  • Visit participating vendors/sponsors listed and get your scavenger hunt board stamped.
  • Return your completed board to the NUWAY Alliance booth, receive a prize and be entered into a drawing for additional prizes!
  • Post on social media using hashtags: #recoverydiscovery #intheheartoftherecoverycommunity

How to Participate as a Sponsor/Vendor of a Recovery Month Event:

  • Contact Jessica Hillebrand at to sign up for a participating Recovery Month event.
  • Day of event a stamp will be provided to you by NUWAY Alliance and you will stamp attendees boards when they visit your booth.

Current Recovery Month events where Recovery Discovery is occurring:

Recovery Discovery creates movement around events, provides traffic to sponsors and vendors, and inspires event attendees to learn about and connect with the recovery resources in their communities.

For more information contact us at