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NUWAY Alliance Client Satisfaction

NUWAY Alliance treatment programs use the gold-standard practice of measurement-based care to assess clinical progress throughout treatment. Regularly collecting symptom rating information helps NUWAY Alliance clinicians identify changes and needs that can be addressed through modified treatment plans.

However, satisfaction surveys provide another vital way to gauge how NUWAY Alliance treatment programs are meeting client needs and creating a comfortable, safe, and welcoming therapeutic environment. Clients voluntarily submit surveys to tell us about their experiences with our program.

What NUWAY Alliance Clients report:

Have your treatment goals and needs been met?
My counselor asked me about my treatment goals or needs.
My counselor was helpful in my ongoing recovery.
I feel heard and valued in my NUWAY Alliance program.

What this means:

Most NUWAY Alliance clients are highly satisfied with their treatment and providers and feel heard and safe. Ensuring clients feel their needs are met is very important to us. People who feel good about treatment tend to engage more deeply and have better long-term outcomes. This data also tells us that we have opportunities to improve so that even more people have the best possible treatment experience. NUWAY Alliance continuously reviews client feedback and seeks ways to enhance the quality of care and meet the needs of the individuals it serves.