NUWAY House, Inc. (NUWAY) is a private, non-profit organization serving individuals recovering from substance use and mental health disorders since 1966.

We emphasize developing, sustaining and nurturing freedom from substance use disorder and mental illness. We support our clients as they learn skills to maintain sobriety and health and integrate into a level of successful independent living in the community. Many of our clients have had previous attempts at recovery.

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NUWAY I and NUWAY II provide individualized, co-occurring, medium and low intensity residential treatment for men and transgender persons.



2118, 3R’s and St. Paul Counseling Centers offer intensive, co-occurring outpatient programming for women and men.



"I had a wonderful experience there…the staff from the top, to the entry level, were extremely supportive and helpful in my recovery! I am coming up on 2 years of sobriety and I have much gratitude for NUWAY."

‐ Christopher H.

"…I want to say that I have worked with [my client] for over a year and a half and truly have never seen him doing as well as he is currently. I believe that is in large part due to NUWAY and the program run there. [My client] has had nothing but positive things to say about the program. As someone who does many assessments and makes many referral's to treatment facilities all over the state, from a professional standpoint I have been nothing but impressed with the referral process, admission, coordination, documentation, promptness of sending TX [treatment] plans and case notes, as well as the treatment provided at NUWAY and have passed this information on to all the assessor's in Anoka County last week at our quarterly meeting. I will continue to refer to NUWAY without any hesitation for any client I feel is appropriate for your program."

‐ Kevyn H., MS, LADC Mental Health Practitioner

"NUWAY was a big part of my recovery. I have over three years sober since graduating. To me it was more than halfway house, it was second chance to figure out who I was as a man, and who I wanted to be."

‐ Tony N.

"I arrived at NUWAY clinging to the past and with no real belief in a bright and hopeful future. Genuinely, NUWAY has given me a brand new life and a brand new beginning. I will be forever grateful to the programming staff. Thank you. "

‐ Rob C.

"Following discharge from NUWAY, I stayed connected to NUWAY. I would stop by and talk to the techs and counselors. This was an important part of my recovery, staying connected. Eventually, I was able to become an employee of NUWAY, utilizing my culinary background. If I keep my acceptance, I keep my serenity. NUWAY is an awesome place to get sober. The clients and staff are great! "

‐ Scotty E.

"At NUWAY, I was able to have a safe space to explore who I really am. It provided me clarity and for the first time in my life I felt like a real person…I cared about me. My counselors at both residential and outpatient were supportive and worked with me to meet my recovery needs, including getting a job so that I could get money for a deposit to live in a sober house. NUWAY is my rock and recovery has given me the best life I’ve ever had."

‐ Raquelle G.

"From the moment I contacted NUWAY for outpatient services, I felt welcomed and was treated as a valued individual. At NUWAY, I was able to build a recovery network, find comfort with recovery and make recovery a part of my daily life. The diverse nature of the clientele broadened my perspective while helping me build faith and hope back into my life. Finally, moving from a residential program to intensive outpatient, where I was able to access supportive housing, has made all the difference this time. It allowed me to put my recovery first. "

‐ Joe N.

"My family and I were broken before I entered treatment this time. Life was dark, full of blame and ‘it’s not fairs’. Upon my successful completion of residential treatment, my family and I were given a chance by NUWAY and one of its’ sober house partners - they worked with me and my family to build our recovery together. They had no reason to give us this chance but they did. Through my treatment at NUWAY, I was given the opportunity to participate in prolonged exposure therapy. It allowed me to work through multiple traumas I had experienced throughout my life and today, the darkness has lifted. I am full of love, gratitude and humility. My life is not perfect but each day I am able to show what is in my heart and be of service."

‐ Tiffanie P.

"Como Area Sober Living LLC has been a NUWAY recovery residence affiliate for a year now. We have really enjoyed working with NUWAY as a whole. The NUWAY model of recovery residence support offers those that cannot afford sober living the opportunity to live in a safe, sober environment while attending outpatient treatment. It gives the residents the ability to concentrate fully on their intensive treatment without worry about living expenses. At our sober home, the NUWAY clients have created a greater sense of community and fellowship; they share rides to treatment, support each other, cook together, go to meetings and socialize. The clients are held very accountable to their treatment. NUWAY communicates expectations clearly, and we [Como Area Sober Living LLC] can tell that they really care. All the staff we’ve worked with at NUWAY are so professional, friendly and I can see that they really enjoy what they do. "

‐ Como Area Sober Living LLC