Continuing Education

NUWAY Alliance provides continuing education to support behavioral healthcare providers and expand knowledge.

Upcoming Event:

August 21, 2024

Co-Occurring ABC’S: Applied Behavioral Care Strategies for Treating Substance Use Disorder and Trauma

In the June “Nosh & Knowledge”, YourPath’s Dr. Stephen DeLisisi illuminated the neurobiology underlying substance use disorder (SUD) and trauma. In this companion presentation, NUWAY Alliance Chief Clinical Officer Kenneth L. Roberts explores strategies for providing effective integrated care interventions in both the individual and group setting. Attendees will leave the presentation with practical applications for supporting clients dealing with co-occurring SUD and trauma.

Presented by NUWAY Chief Clinical Officer Ken Roberts, MPS, LADC, LPCC

June 12, 2024 – NUWAY Alliance in partnership with YourPath presented:

Understanding SUD as a Chronic Illness, Neurobiology of SUD, and the Intersections with ACEs and Trauma: Using Science to Reduce Stigma presented by Dr. Steve Delisi, Chief Medical Officer, YourPath.