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Recovery Research Institute

Recovery Research Institute Study Shows Recovery Residences Offer Vital Benefits

A study published by the Recovery Research Institute finds that the use of recovery residences during outpatient substance use disorder treatment provides important benefits. The study indicates that recovery residences offer safe living environments, accountability, and peer support and that people using these resources remain in treatment longer and complete treatment at a higher rate. […]


National Study of Treatment and Addiction Recovery Residences (NSTARR) Study Highlights Recovery Housing Needs

Recovery housing plays an important role in the continuum of care for those seeking substance use disorder recovery. Increasing this resource in rural, suburban, and urban areas allows individuals to find recovery in communities of their choice.


NUWAY -The COVID-19 outbreak highlights the importance or recovery housing

Safe, supportive environments play a crucial role in sustained recovery from addiction and mental illness. The stability and fellowship provided by the peer-driven culture of high-quality recovery residences can significantly improve the odds that individuals will complete treatment, remain sober, access health services, seek employment, and form community connections supporting long-term recovery. People living with […]


Successful Recovery from Addiction Still Hindered by Stigma

Addressing America’s addiction crisis requires an evidence-based public health response, not discrimination and alienation of people with substance use disorders (SUD).   “Whether it is the rapid rise of prescription opioid addiction or the longstanding challenge of alcohol dependence, substance misuse, and substance use disorders can—and do—prevent people from living healthy and productive lives. And, just […]


The New Methamphetamine Crisis

From 1999 through 2016, the age-adjusted rate of drug overdose deaths in the United States more than tripled, largely driven by opioid misuse. While the opioid epidemic continues despite concerted efforts to limit prescriptions of opioid pain relievers, the misuse of a dangerous non-opioid has also been escalating as well. According to the Centers for […]


NUWAY Pioneers Accelerated Resolution Therapy in Addiction Treatment

Addiction and substance use disorders (SUD) are frequently driven and exacerbated by unresolved trauma—especially childhood trauma. “Studies of drug addicts repeatedly find extraordinarily high percentages of childhood trauma of various sorts, including physical, sexual, and emotional abuse,” wrote Canadian physician Gabor Maté in his influential addiction study In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts. “For each […]