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Minnesota Department of Corrections Takes Steps to Reduce Homelessness Following Incarceration

MPR News reporting discusses the ongoing problem of homelessness among people released from prison and steps by the Department of Corrections to address the issue. According to MPR and a Minnesota Department of Corrections report, one in five people who leave prisons are homeless or have limited prospects of finding secure housing. According to the Prison Policy Institute, formerly incarcerated people are ten times more likely to be homeless.

The Minnesota Department of Corrections is taking steps to reduce the number of people experiencing homelessness after being released from prison through initiatives to fund recovery residences and supportive housing. Many incarcerated individuals experience substance use and co-occurring mental health disorders, adding a layer of complexity when released from prison. Securing housing upon release provides a foundation of stability and helps stem cycles of recidivism and relapse.

Continuing to support a fifty-year nonprofit mission of Recovery In Supportive Environments, NUWAY Alliance is a strong advocate for recovery residence (housing) access. NUWAY® and the University of Minnesota Center for Practice Transformation are engaged in one of the largest studies to date exploring the benefits of recovery housing on outcomes post addiction treatment. Early results are promising, suggesting that people who access recovery housing during treatment are twice as likely not to use substances following treatment, are more engaged in treatment, and experience lower symptoms of depression and anxiety. 

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