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NUWAY Alliance, through the NUWAY Recovery Foundation, to Acquire Arrigoni Supportive Housing Real Estate

NUWAY Alliance, through the NUWAY Recovery Foundation, to acquire Arrigoni East and West supportive housing properties with plans to continue making high-quality addiction recovery supportive housing available and accessible to qualifying adults. 

Arrigoni, one of Minnesota’s most enduring and well-regarded supportive housing missions, was started by Virginia Arrigoni in 1973. After receiving treatment and entering recovery, Ms. Arrigoni committed her life to helping others who needed supportive housing after completing treatment. So committed was Arrigoni to her mission that she turned her home into a halfway house. Today, Arrigoni East (St. Paul) and Arrigoni West (Minneapolis) continue helping residents remain in recovery from substance use disorder and provide a foundation of secure housing from which to grow and thrive.

Ms. Arrigoni’s experience, vision, and mission closely aligned with the Minneapolis Alano Club members who founded NUWAY® in 1966 when NUWAY opened as one of America’s first halfway houses – NUWAY 1. Both realized that recovery supportive housing was essential to attaining and maintaining lasting recovery. 

Today, NUWAY®, Minnesota’s largest nonprofit extended behavioral healthcare provider, is part of NUWAY Alliance. NUWAY Alliance is also the parent organization of NUWAY Recovery Foundation, formed in 2018 to advocate for and improve access to quality recovery housing. NUWAY Recovery Foundation maintains relationships with hundreds of recovery residence operators throughout Minnesota to help people receiving treatment for substance use and co-occurring mental health disorders have safe and supportive places to live — a vital component of improved treatment outcomes.

Arrigoni East and West current owner, Supportive Living Solutions (SLS), sought NUWAY Alliance as a preferred buyer of the Arrigoni real estate and the SLS-related business assets because of NUWAY Alliance’s focus on recovery, its long history, and recovery in supportive environments mission.

NUWAY Recovery Foundation’s acquisition respects the Arrigoni legacy while adding a new service line to the NUWAY Alliance. The transition of ownership will not affect current Arrigoni residents, and the NUWAY Recovery Foundation plans to maintain Arrigoni’s beautiful facilities and services. 

“NUWAY Recovery Foundation is tremendously proud to carry on the work of the Arrigoni legacy. NUWAY and Arrigoni are long-standing Twin Cities institutions providing essential treatment and supportive housing access. This acquisition represents a perfect fit between missions,” says NUWAY Recovery Foundation President Joseph Lally.

The deal is scheduled to close on September 1.

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