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NUWAY Awarded NAADAC Organizational Achievement Award

|NUWAY awarded NAADAC Organizational Achievement Award

NUWAY awarded NAADAC Organizational Achievement Award

NAADAC, the Association for Addiction Professionals, names NUWAY the recipient of its 2019 Organizational Achievement Award. NAADAC, the nation’s largest membership organization for addiction-focused healthcare professionals, issues the award on September 20 each year in honor of National Addiction Professionals Day.

NAADAC cites NUWAY’s “stand-out reputation among treatment providers in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul,” trauma-informed treatment of co-occurring disorders, and LGBTQIA+ and medication-assisted treatment-friendly environment in its award announcement. Also mentioned is NUWAY’s support of recovery housing, and the program’s commitment to the field of addiction treatment.

NAADAC’s recognition highlights the central pillars of NUWAY’s strategic growth in recent years. NUWAY launched a new model of care called Recovery In Supportive Environments (R.I.S.E.), in 2013. R.I.S.E. is designed to bridge traditional gaps in the care continuum, and help clients access high-quality treatment, recovery housing, and community-based recovery support services. NUWAY recently added to its multi-modality approach, Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART), a new evidence-based trauma therapy that can produce positive outcomes in fewer clinical sessions. ART answers the growing need to treat trauma while increasing clinical efficiency and efficacy. NUWAY also introduced a practicum program through which up to 50 students from Minnesota’s leading universities and colleges receive expert supervision, training, and guidance from experienced NUWAY team members.

Being an excellent addiction treatment workplace is a core NUWAY goal. NUWAY is committed to the highest-quality clinical care for its clients and offers highly competitive wages and compensation. NUWAY’s management team focusses on policies and practices to help clinicians and support staff maintain a good work-life balance, reduce compassion fatigue, and continue professional and personal growth.

“NAADAC’s recognition of our commitment to the addiction treatment profession is especially meaningful. NUWAY is first, and foremost, a family of exceptionally compassionate and talented caregivers. We believe that as an organization, and as a field, we must work to support the people who dedicate their lives to helping individuals and families find recovery. Fostering an environment of safety, support, and growth is essential to making NUWAY a good home for the professionals that carry out our mission,” says NUWAY Executive Director and CEO, David