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NUWAY’s Joyce Koerner Contributes to KIMT3 Dry January Coverage

NUWAY — Rochester Counseling Center Sr. Program Manager Joyce Koerner, MPC, LPCC, LADC, contributes to a KIMT3 story about the benefits of Dry January. According to Time Magazine, today’s iteration of Dry January, which entails abstaining from alcohol use during the first month of the year, gained popularity due to a campaign launched by the United Kingdom-based organization Alcohol Change UK in 2013. Alcohol remains the leading cause of substance-related deaths in the United States (even eclipsing opioids), though significant reporting suggests that even moderate alcohol use can be detrimental to health. Dry January raises awareness about the benefits of stopping alcohol use and may help some people reduce their use of alcohol overall.

Joyce Koerner, MPC, LPCC, LADC, who is the Sr. Program Manager at NUWAY — Rochester Counseling Center is an expert in the impacts of problematic substance use and substance use disorders who regularly treats individuals affected by alcohol use disorder. Koerner contributed to a KIMT3 television news story about Dry January. “You actually get a boost at, like, the thirty-day mark where you start to feel really good,” Koerner says about the effects of stopping alcohol use. Koerner also recommends reinforcing the decision to try Dry January by saving up the money someone would spend on alcohol during the month to buy something fun.

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