Recovery Discovery

Recovery Discovery is a fun way for recovery-oriented event sponsors and vendors to connect with attendees!

Recovery Discovery is a scavenger hunt embedded in recovery-supportive events. This fun activity is easy to operate and easy to play and gives event attendees even more reasons to visit all participant and vendor booths to boost awareness and connections.

Recovery Discovery is provided and operated by NUWAY Alliance. Event organizers can offer Recovery Discovery as a sponsorship benefit or work directly with NUWAY Alliance to garner sponsorship and vendor involvement. Alternatively, NUWAY Alliance can work directly with event sponsors and vendors.

How Recovery Discovery works:

  • Before events, Recovery Discovery can be promoted through social media, newsletters, and more using #recoverydiscovery24
  • During the event, participants pick up scavenger hunt cards at the NUWAY Alliance booth.
  • Participating exhibitors or sponsors have the option to sign off on scavenger hunt cards.
  • Completed Recovery Discovery cards are returned to the NUWAY Alliance booth where players receive a prize featuring the slogan “In The Heart of the Recovery Community” (purchased by NUWAY Alliance). Everyone who submits a completed card is entered into a drawing to win a larger prize (purchased by NUWAY Alliance).

Recovery Discovery creates movement around events, provides traffic to sponsors and vendors, and inspires event attendees to learn about and connect with the recovery resources in their communities.

As a sponsor of your event, we are invested in making the event engaging, meaningful, and memorable. Are you ready to join #recoverydiscovery24?