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NUWAY offers supervised internship/practicum placements that meet relevant requirements for LADC, LPCC, LICSW, and LP.

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NUWAY is the largest extended care treatment provider for clients with substance use and mental health disorders in Minnesota. NUWAY works collaboratively and in an integrated way for clients to receive the highest level of services. Hard work, collaboration, supported learning and growth are crucial to students’ success during internship at NUWAY.

Students will be placed with counselors with varying clinical interests and licensure. Students will assist clients in identifying issues and avenues for change through group and individual work while receiving support through supervision and didactic training.

Opportunities for training exist in both residential or outpatient settings with the prospect to vary training and receive experience in both. We currently offer placements at all five of NUWAY’s programs.


Internship Components

NUWAY offers supervised internship/practicum placements that meet relevant requirements for LADC, LPCC, LICSW, and LP.

Internship at NUWAY is primarily comprised of individual and group therapy experience with clients who have co-occurring substance use and/or mental health disorders. At NUWAY, internship involves client contact and experience in the following areas:

  • Gain experience in all 12 core functions
  • Facilitate chemical dependency process groups
  • Facilitate psychoeducational groups
  • Individual sessions
  • Complete Comprehensive Assessments

For practicum students seeking mental health training, experience will be gained in the following ways:

  • Facilitate mental health groups
  • Individual psychotherapy
  • DiagnosticAssessments


  • Students will be enrolled at an accredited school and have completed all coursework required by their academic program in order to begin
  • Follow all ethical and professional standards of their applicable boards
  • Follow all policies and procedures of NUWAY
  • Commit to a regular schedule as agreed upon with the Practicum Director


  • Individual, face-to-face supervision weekly
  • Group supervision
  • Weekly staffing with a multidisciplinary treatment team
  • Didactic trainings as scheduled


  • What kinds of clients would I be working with?

    Clients at NUWAY are all adults with primary substance use or co-occurring (substance use and mental health) disorders. They come from all different backgrounds and life experiences, but typically have a few things in common such as low social support, financial issues, and unstable housing. Our clients have a wide range of mental health issues including depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder.

  • What is the schedule and hours for students?

    We ask that you commit to a regular schedule while as an intern or practicum student. For the LADC and dual programs, to finish in two semesters, students typically need to be at least on-site 28 hours per week. Hours typical of internship are 8-4. We do not offer evening hours and weekend hours only on Saturday from 8-1. Occasionally, it is possible to intern 20 hours or less per week. These requests are handled on a case by case basis.

  • What are the tasks involved with an internship/practicum?

    For students seeking an LADC internship, you will gain experience in all 12 core functions. Most notably, you will facilitate process and psychoeducational groups, individual sessions, and comprehensive assessments.

    For dual students, you will gain experience in all 12 core functions, but also add in mental health experience. This includes diagnostic assessments, mental health groups, and individual therapy.

  • What are the qualities of successful intern/practicum students?

    We want interns that are highly motivated to learn and have a strong dedication to client care. NUWAY is a fast paced environment and training is intense but highly supportive. If you curious, hard-working, and able to accept and implement feedback, then this internship may be a good fit.

  • What is the process to apply for an internship or practicum?

    To apply for an internship or practicum, click here to apply through our online portal. The Practicum
    Director will review your application and contact you to schedule an interview, if desired.

Available Internships

NUWAY has great internships/practicum opportunities for dedicated people. Click the link below to view our available internships.

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