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Melissa Kane, MA, LPCC, LADC

Melissa Kane
CounselorMelissa is a graduate of the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation (HBFF) graduate school of addiction studies gaining her Advanced Practice degree in 2019. She is currently an adjunct faculty member teaching Group Theory and Practice, Career Development and Evidence-based Counseling to graduate students at HBFF. Melissa worked on the women’s residential recovery unit on the Center City campus of Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation for three and a half years as an LADC. She is currently working towards my LPCC licensure and plans to have that completed by next summer. Prior to starting my graduate program at HBFF, she worked for most of her career in health care administration. Melissa also holds a Masters of Business Administration degree from the University of St. Thomas. In addition to her passion for learning and growing, her most cherished accomplishment is being a mother to three grown men. They have taught her so much; humbled her and made her proud all at the same time. Melissa loves to garden and has a pretty impressive vegetable garden along with an awesome flowerbed, which provides her with lots of supplies and centerpieces for her love of putting together a delicious meal!! She also loves to go on walks her two-year-old Cockapoo Harley (like Harley Davidson).