May 5, 2020

NUWAY® has updated our response to the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure client and staff safety and to adhere by recent regulations specific to licensed congregate health care facilities located within the City of Minneapolis. The following are in place for clients and staff at NUWAY’s residential programs:

  • All potential admits are screened for exposure to and symptoms of COVID – 19 per the most recent CDC guidelines
  • Rigorous sanitizing within our facilities continues
  • Promotion of proper hand hygiene continues
  • No third-party visitors are allowed within our facilities
  • Client access to the community is restricted
  • Utilization of social/physical distancing continues
  • Conduct daily symptom and temperature checks on clients and staff
  • All clients and staff are wearing masks
  • Altered dining pattern to support physical distancing
  • Each site has required cohort space and plan per City of Minneapolis guidelines

NUWAY continues to accept new referrals to all programs, including Cochran Recovery Services in Hastings, MN. Anyone that is unable to admit due to exposure or symptoms of COVID – 19 are referred to local healthcare providers for additional screening or testing.

NUWAY continues to deliver its intensive outpatient programming via telehealth services, including the ability to admit clients virtually. Clients who cannot access telehealth services or need to be seen in person are accommodated appropriately, in compliance with CDC and WHO guidelines, within our outpatient facilities.

Referrals to any of NUWAY’s programs can be made, as usual, by contacting the location directly via a phone call, fax, or email.  If you have questions about how admissions to intensive outpatient programming will occur, please contact the program directly.  Contact information for each program is listed at the end of this document.

NUWAY’s pertinent updates/information related to COVID – 19 will continue to be communicated on the NUWAY website (, via social media channels (NUWAY Facebook and LinkedIn) and through public communication distribution channels.


  • 3Rs NUWAY Counseling Center (1404 Central Ave NE Minneapolis, MN 55413)
    • Contact: Hanna Smith, Admissions Supervisor (
    • Office: 612-789-8030 Fax: 612-789-8087
  • 2118 NUWAY Counseling Center (2118 Blaisdell Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55404)
    • Contact: Deb Huizenga, Admissions Supervisor (
    • Office: 612-235-4677 Fax: 612-870-3796
  • St. Paul NUWAY Counseling Center (545 7th St W St. Paul, MN 55102)
    • Contact: Shelly Stangl, Admissions Supervisor (
    • Office: 651-333-4410 Fax: 651-666-2914
  • NUWAY – University Counseling Center (1246 University Ave W St. Paul, MN 55104)
    • Contact: Shelly Stangl, Admissions Supervisor (
    • Office: 651-404-2000 Fax: 651-383-4537
  • NUWAY – Rochester Counseling Center (300 11th Ave NW, Suite 120 Rochester, MN 55901)  
    • Contact: Carrie Madson, Program Manager (
    • Office: 507-225-0400 Fax: 507-208-7737
  • NUWAY – Duluth Counseling Center (4615 Grand Ave W, Suite 300 Duluth, MN 55807)
    • Contact: Angela Gilbertson, Program Manager (
    • Office: 218-207-2130 Fax: 218-600-5485



NUWAY I, II & III and Cochran Recovery Services

  • Residential Admissions Team – Office: 612-767-0309 Fax: 612-870-3796
    • David Joubert, Residential Admissions Supervisor (
    • Ryan Splett – Residential Admissions Coordinator (
    • Robyn Seguin, Residential Admissions Counselor (


Monique Bourgeois, MPNA, LADC
Chief Community Relations Officer